Everlasting. Imposing. Holm oaks here, oak trees there, eternal pastures beyond. Today, gold. Tomorrow, emerald. White and impenetrable with the arrival of snow. Suddenly interrupted by the peaks on the horizon, interspersed with small lagoons, streams and shrines. Sun and shade. Home. Tradition. Support. Balance. This is our Campo Charro. Unforgettable and always surprising.

The Salamanca and Extremadura meadows, nourishment and quality



Between October and February, the meadow shares the fruits of its trees with the herds of Iberian pigs that roam freely and happily on its plains.

Acorns that fall from cork trees and gall oaks in autumn are rich in carbohydrates that make the animals fat and turn into fat without any compound feed.

In its search for food in the plains of the meadow, the pig develops its limbs and the fat from the acorn is infiltrating its muscles, forming the marbling effect in its muscles.

The animals are so comfortable with their space and their nutrition that they can start the “free-range phase” weighing 90 kg and finishing it at 160 kg!

The grass, flowers, mushrooms and roots eaten by the animals also contribute to the unique smell of all products derived from the Iberian pig.

A plan perfectly executed by the meadow. A perfect life cycle that has been repeated in our charro fields for centuries.

Sustainable development, respectful development

The development model of the Salamanca and Extremadura meadows of the western peninsula presents a unique, well-balanced and sustainable balance.

In the meadows, cereals are cultivated. The fruits of the oak nourish the Iberian pig herds in the free-range season. In the meadow, the Iberian pig, the native morucha cow herds, and the brave bull. Everyone, sharing our holm oak woods and promoting their proper physical development away from the stress of the stables.

Each element has its own function. Each character has its own role.

An ecosystem that perfectly combines the economic use of its resources with respect for the environment.

An ecosystem that passes from generation to generation creating unique traditions, customs, beliefs and lifestyles.

A model of sustainability and respect for the environment like few others.