We are celebrating the Iberian honour of our animals and processes

Perhaps it started out of necessity. And perhaps it started out as a means of survival. However, the breeding, slaughter and curing of the Iberian pig in Guijuelo has always been done with great respect for the circle of life, which is best represented by the intimate relationship between the Salamancan countryside, the Extremaduran pastureland and the Iberian pig.

There is an enormous amount respect for the animal; rest assured it will live a healthy life in the vast Salamancan meadows. Extreme respect is shown in the slaughtering and curing of the animal’s meat.

Perhaps it did begin out of necessity and subsistence, but today it’s a celebration. Today we celebrate the Iberian honour. This is the love we always put into our craftsmanship. Well-made things. And the extraordinary flavours.

Yesterday's processes, today's quality standards

Torrencinas-brand Ibérico Ham from Guijuelo is 100% Iberian. This means that both the father and the mother of the animal are also Ibérico pigs.

We register the important Iberian lineage of the pigs in the official Spanish Association of Iberian Pig Breeders (AECERIBER) pedigree breeding book, guaranteeing the Pata Negra (the gold standard) label for our hams.

Such a genetically perfect animal must also be hand-cured in natural cellars.
The curing process requires nothing more than the natural air of the environment and is controlled by opening and closing the windows, which is the job of the master ham maker.

Unlike any industrial manufacturing process, there is no rush when it comes to curing Guijuelo Ibérico ham, with drying processes commonly lasting anywhere from 24 months to as long as 60 months!

Time, nature and the traditional salt-piling method are among the other secrets to the excellent quality and unbeatable flavours of this ham.

Guijuelo Ibérico Ham

Distinctive and incomparable flavours and aromas

Tasting Ibérico Bellota (acorn-fed) ham is an unparalleled sensory experience. Taste the fragrance of the herbs, flowers and roots that are fed to the animal in the pastures of Salamanca and Extremadura, its velvety, soft texture, ultimate smoothness. The bright white hues of the fat and its spectacular flavour. The perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Covering the animal’s leg in sea salt at a temperature of 4°C, between 0.60 and 0.90 days per kilogram, gives the ham an extremely succulent flavour.
A unique sensory experience created by the perfect combination of ingredients and processes that have been perfected over the centuries.

This expertise and quality is protected by the Quality standard for Ibérico pig ham, shoulder and cured loin (‘Norma de calidad del jamón, la paleta y el lomo embuchado de Cerdo Ibérico‘), which must always meet the most rigorous quality and food safety requirements.