More than a century of tradition and craftsmanship reflected in the premium cured products and fresh meat from the Iberian pig.


We use the same drying rooms as our ancestors.

We respect the same curing and production processes.

That same passion flows through us!


Being Iberian artisans in Guijuelo means believing in things as they were done before. It means respecting traditions and improving them only as much as possible and necessary. It means working in harmony with our environment.

This environment has created the perfect blend of elements for producing Iberian pork products with an unrivalled quality. Firstly, the Iberian pig, an animal with unmatched traits, which has roamed the Salamanca meadows since the Palaeolithic period.

Secondly, those very Salamanca meadows, with their expanses of holm oaks, oaks and grasses sharply contrasted by the mountain peaks on the horizon. The Salamancan countryside, sun and shade. Sustenance. From this immaculate combination, from the Entresierras, the Guijuelo Ibérico cured products from the Iberian pig are born. A perfectly executed plan.


Being Iberian craftsmen in Guijuelo signifies lineage. Tradition. Iberian artisans in Guijuelo continue to use ancestral traditions that have been meticulously passed down through generations. From family to family.

Every little detail.

The breeding, the montanera fattening phase, the nutrition, the slaughter, the rituals, the timing, the smoking, the temperatures, the quality of the mountain air, the drying, the curing… Everything.

Because every little detail plays a crucial role in producing one of the highest quality ranges of cured Iberian pork products in the world.

Nothing is left to chance. The use of natural products in the seasoning, the careful handcrafted production, the natural smoking of the sausages, our location in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos… all of this grants Torrencina’s Iberian products their unique character.

Distinguishable products that are celebrated around the world.



Located in the town of Ledrada (Guijuelo region), a renowned centre of the Salamanca (Torencillas) cured pork industry, boasts three generations devoted to the curing, marketing and distribution of acorn-fed (Bellota) Iberian products.

In addition to the careful breeding of one of the most noble breeds of Iberian pigs on the peninsula, Torrencinas also uses traditional production processes that guarantee unbeatable quality and a unique gastro-sensory experience for our customers.

Torrencillas and Rodilla & González, one of the best specialists in fresh meat and cured Iberian products in the Sierra de Béjar region, have joined forces with a single mission:

To widen exposure for Salamanca’s unrivalled cured pork industry and to strengthen the already-celebrated prestigious reputation of Guijuelo’s Ibérico pork.

Chance has no place in the production of one of the best Ibérico hams in the world.

The careful breeding and nutrition of our exclusively Iberian pigs, the freedom with which they roam the Salamanca meadows, our location in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, the natural smoking of our sausages, the air, the temperature, the care in our artisan processes…

Each of these factors contributes towards the creation of the unique character, fragrance, texture and taste of Torrencinas / Rodilla & González products.


An ample selection of exquisite cured goods from the Guijuelo Ibérico pig: Ibérico ham, Ibérico chorizo, Ibérico loin, Ibérico longaniza, Ibérico salchichón, etc.



The best raw ingredients from the Guijuelo region, including traditional cuts (loin, sirloin, chops…) and new cuts (‘el secreto’ marbled shoulder blade cut, cheek, belly…).

This is what our customers from across the world have to say about our exquisite Torrencinas Ibérico products

Muy buena experiencia, pedimos sin recomendación ni habiendo leído ninguna reseña, Buena sorpresa.
Nos decidimos por un jamón de bellota con 40 meses de curación no muy grande, cuando lo abrimos sorpresa, una experiencia inolvidable hasta el final, el servicio impecable.
Muy contenta!

Raquel Iniesta (12/09/2019)

A great surprise. We liked it a lot, although we had good references, we had never tried it until today. To highlight the 75% Ibérico Cebo de Campo of 9 kg yield 2016. We found it sublime. The Ibérico Lomito (Cured Ibérico Shoulder-Steak) we found impressive is one of the unknown products and it is a real pleasure on the palate.
We recommend it.

Gabriel and Karen (06/17/2020)

Un succès à cent pour cent. Nous commandons un Jambon 100% Ibérique Bellota, de 8 kg avec la date de production 02/12/2016. Je pense que c’est le meilleur que j’aie jamais goûter. Tous leurs produits sont de haute qualité. Saucissons Bellota fortement recommandés. On reviens vers vous sans doutes. Merci pour un service soigné.

Catherine et Philippe (20/12/2019)

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